Towards a sustainable future

The state of the planet is alarming. The greenhouse effect appears to go against the points where it may soon soar. Biodiversity is threatened by exploitation, hunting and the habitats are in different ways distroyed. Democratic processes decreases in the countries of the world . These are just some of the problems facing the world in 2014. The UN has since 1972 worked to save the environment and human civilization on Earth and launched several processes for this .

The next year, two of these processes ends and are replaced by new ones. One is the UNESCO Decade for Education for Sustainable Development which has a year still to go and the other Millennium Development Goals to be achieved by 2015. Many people now work within the UN system to see how these processes will continue and develop after their time expired.

Within the work for ”education for sustainable development” they are now talking about a ” Global Action Program” developed by UNESCO. Within the Millenium development goals they talk about ”Post 2015″  in UN.

We are now also in the midst of a digital developments affecting our society. Not least in the media and education. This development brings with it new opportunities that were previously not possible . We can now build networks in a new way using social media. We can share knowledge and information in a way not previously possible. Our way of teaching can develop and be done in new ways.

Both the media and education are in a ”transmedia development”. This means that facts and stories are told through different media. A television series may also be a computer game or a cartoon . A radio show is also a blog etc. There is also a dimension of ” consumer participation” in this development.

We now need to start new knowledge processes that accelerate the sustainable development of the earth. These could be linked to the two processes for sustainable development that is about to emerge within the UN system.

Possible goals
Starting and developing a transmedial process of sustainable development in which different media talks about and inspire sustainable development on Earth. The different transmedial elements are held together by a common process where the different parts will be more together than separately .

Citizens participate in this process in a spirit of Agenda 21 .

In this process different open educational resources are created that can be used in both schools , universities and adult education

Schools, universities and adult education operates and develop new training concept in sustainable development.

Wikipedia is becoming an important channel for disseminating knowledge about practical sustainable development from farmers to farmers , engineers to engineers , from human to human.


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