The decade of education for sustainable development 2005 – 2014

The UNESCO decade for education for sustainable development have only one year left. Today I visited the office of ”education for sustainable development” in UNESCO in Paris.

In november 2014 there will be a final conference in Tokyo. About 1000 participants will conclude the decade and discus how to go forward.

In a conference 2011 it was decided to go forward with a program called ”Global Action Programe” from 2015. Every five years there shall be a review of it. The first will be 2019.

The priority areas in the program will be:
1. Policy. To get sustainable education in to policy documents.
2. Teachers and educators training in education for sustainable development.
3. Schools. A whole school approach is important.
4. Youth involvment.
5. Local community.

In these areas there will be a focus on biodiversity, climate change and disaster prevention.

It has been written a draft for the Global Action Plan. 


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