UNESCO mobile learning week – workshop

UNESCO january 2014 Innovative learning environment-3

I arrived to UNESCO headquarter at eight when they should open. I woman from France had just arrived. We where not allowed to get in. When we where waiting two woman from Virginia in USA came and a group of teachers from Johannesburg. We had to wait for badges, the security man said. Finally a team of asian people came running in the corridor and we could go in and get scanned. Well our things got scanned as in a security hall at an airport.

The opening of the day was a short introduction and welcome in one of the big halls. I was amazed of how big mobile learning seemed to be around the world!

Then we had five different workshop to go to. I went to a workshop about a teacher training tool called OER4School. it has been used to develop teacher training in subsaharan countries for example. It was made on a wiki and available for everybody.

Björn Hassler from Cambrigde University in UK was leading the workshop. He talked about how important it was to first talk pedagogy and then how to use technology. In subsaharan countries it was a big challenge to first change the way teachers teach. Much of the ”teaching” was ”say after me – pedagogy”. Students say after the teacher but don´t really understand. To develop the way of teaching was first priority! When introducing technical devices he said it was very important to look at learning gain and cost.

Pedagogic approaches he talked about was interactive pedagogy, project based learning and inquiry based learning. It had to be a pedagogy for big classes in subsaharan countries. Classes with 80-100 students are not rare.

Here you can see some of the units:

There is also al lot of resources for different subjects. For teachers in secondary school there was a catalog  with OER in science. 

This homepage is very useful in the Swedsih schools as well as in subsaharan countries!

In the afternoon i visited a workshop about ”mobile learning teacher´s toolkit: A window into teacher training”.  The most interesting in the afternoon was to talk to a lady from open university in UK. We where sitting next to each other and made all the group work together in the afternoon. She worked on a project in english teaching in Bangladesh. They used very simple mobile phones with 8 GB sd card loaded with audio and video material for english studies. It was made of local teachers in the native language and english.

Open University seems to have a lot of knowledge about mobile learning and could be a good partner in future projects.

After the workshop I took a little walk to the Eiffel tower and back to my hotel.

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  1. It really sounds interesting & I think that is the future way to go.Thanks for sharing that knowledge Dan.

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