Games + Wikipedia

To have Jimmy Wales and Jane McGonigal as keynote speakers at the conference ”internetdagarna” in Stockholm was a very good choice. It would have been very interesting to hear them discus together how to solve the urgent problems of the world. I think they together stand for two powerful things that can make the world more sustainable.

Jiimy Wales Wikipedia as the channel for free knowledge and Jane McGonigals games that can inspire people to act with joy.

We could hear in Janes speach how gamers could help scientists to understand how proteins folds. A problem too difficult for computers to solve. We could also hear how the amount of people  volonteering in gardens increased centypal when it started with a game.

I think it is time to think of games strategical. To create good games so the gamers can help to solve following problems:

  • A reneved Agenda 21 process as began i 1992 and was so vital until the end of the century. A new process can be timed with the new millennium goals 2015.
  • To come up with international solutions on climate change.
  • Sustainable village development.
  • Sustainable cities
  • HIV/Aids
  • Stop the depletion of biodiversity

….And much more. The knowledge can be documented and delivered via Wikipedia and Wikipedia zero.

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