Conference in UNESCO – Youth, ICT and Education

Mark West is a young scientist from Stanford University that work in UNESCO with ICT. He showed us a video of a future classroom made by Intel. After the film he tried to see wich pilars the vision stand on. Here is the list:

  • Personalized learning
  • Anytime – anywhere learning
  • Immediate feedback and formative assessment
  • New and wider communities of learners
  • Seamless learning across devices
  • Teacher as facilitator and expert mentor
  • Greater collaboration and projectbased learning. Learners learn best by
  • Expand the reach and equity of education
  • Situated learning

Then he talked about three areas where ICT can be of big help:

  • Minimize educational disruption in conflict and disaster areas.
  • Improve administration with ”big data”
  • Cost efficienty. You get more with less money.


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